1. storytime. XXX

    "i want to see you play with yourself," he told me.

    laying next to me in bed, he had a finger in between my legs, gently touching my pussy through my panties.  he was breathing softly on my neck in between kisses and nibbles, one of those things that simply makes me weak in the knees and moist in between my thighs.  giving play to my clit, he slid my panties aside and began to finger me gently, using my wetness from in between my pussy lips to moisten my clit, flicking his thumb back and forth over it.

    "are you gonna cum for me, baby? i want you to cum all over my hand…"

    (moments like this… i swear.)

    after regaining some composure, i finally told him, “i’ll go get my toy.  but you have to suck on my tiddays while i use it. and when i’m about to cum, stick a finger in me.”

    he didn’t say a word. just kept moving his thumb across my clit slowly. “do you like that? do you want me to go faster?”

    "go slow…  it helps to build the anticipation."

    biting my neck slowly, he almost worked up an orgasm before i finally broke free to go get my little electronic helper. good ol’ faithful. 

    every woman is spoiled about the type of sex toy she owns. some women use full blown dildos, some women use vibrators. me? i’m simple. i like the simple little bullet. just on my clit only. i leave all other pleasure to him. 

    i got back in bed and he wasted no time adorning my breasts with his mouth. they’re so big he can’t fit one entire hand around it, but he kneaded the available one with his hand while swirling his tongue around the nipple for the other.  it’s selfish of me to want this pleasure, to be stimulated orally, externally and internally all at once, but at the same time, everybody deserves a little happiness here and there.

    starting with the power on low, i got into a good little groove by moving it around on my clit while he kept sucking on my breasts. i tried to stifle my moans but eventually, a wave of pleasure came, and i forgot where i was for a bit. he could tell that i was close to climaxing, and moved his hand from my breast down to between my legs… teasing the bottom half of my clit that wasn’t being played with by the toy.  eventually he stuck his fingers deep inside of me, and my body bucked in response. i switched the power from low to high, and it was right then that i began to cum. it was heaven. absolute heaven. he moaned with me and fingered me as i would grind against his hand, and he found my g-spot in just seconds. keeping my breast in his mouth, he finger banged me, and my entire body clenched up, locking my legs around his wrist. i felt a squirt coming on, but i didn’t release it.

    i finally took the toy off of my clit and powered it down, still convulsing. he wasted no time in repositioning my body for him to master. climbing from my side to atop my hips, he inserted his rock hard dick into my still quivering pussy. gripping me by the small of my back he thrusted deep, and my GOD was it everything.  he wrapped one of my legs around him and angled himself to penetrate deeper, while still bucking my hips in response to his. leaning down to kiss me, he bit my bottom lip as he got his rhythm in place. and it was over from there.

    he raised up to further his aggression, and placed a hand at the base of my neck to choke me while he pounded my pussy harder. i loved every single second of it. after several sets of those life giving strokes, leaning back down, he moaned in my ear. “yes, moan for me baby…” i told him.

    "you feel so good," he whispered. 

    taking a moment to clear the pillows out of our way, (good sex always makes the bed a mess lol) he resumed his domination by reinserting his dick into me and banging me with some kind of super human strength and speed. i tried to grip the side of the mattress to maintain some kind of leverage, another hand behind his back digging my nails into his skin. but it was too much. i couldn’t tell you how many times i had cum up to this point. hearing me moan, he gave a half smile. “mmhmm,” he said softly. his subtle way of letting me know that this was his pussy, and he controls it. 

    before i knew it, he began to cum himself. you always know when they fuck you with the stupendous stroke, just hard slow pounds of damn near punishment… my hips were spent but i still loved it. i love to see him climax just as much as i love to feel it. he laid atop of me and still fucked me, gently, slowly, as he rode out that last wave of pleasure. 

    out of breath, we both rested to regain some strength. i took a sip of water and passed him some too. we both were smiling. those rounds of sex when you haven’t had any in awhile; those are the greatest. 

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  2. geekscoutcookies:










is that Ryan Gosling in the bottom corner just completely in sync with n’sync….



its so cute!

You know Justin is his homie from the Mickey Mouse club

ohhhh my gooood. amazing.

this is fuckin hilarious. look at ryan gosling LMFAOLMFAO!! he fuckin lost it, the groove got his ass!

Ryan was all of us last night. He was all of us. 

BISH. FUCKAWLUDAT. i was right there in front of the TV with ‘em.












    is that Ryan Gosling in the bottom corner just completely in sync with n’sync….



    its so cute!

    You know Justin is his homie from the Mickey Mouse club

    ohhhh my gooood. amazing.

    this is fuckin hilarious. look at ryan gosling LMFAOLMFAO!! he fuckin lost it, the groove got his ass!

    Ryan was all of us last night. He was all of us. 

    BISH. FUCKAWLUDAT. i was right there in front of the TV with ‘em.

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  3. storytime.

    "is the car in park?"

    he was entirely drunk. blame the power hour and unlimited drinks. he had flirted with me earlier at the club.. not sure if it was because I was in miniskirt and six inch heels, or if it was because he witnessed a sexy female caress my ass and lick my neck right in front of him, without even knowing my name. she told me to follow her in the bathroom and she would “suck the hell out of my tiddays…”

    I didn’t take her up on her offer, though I think it still stands. we’ll find out if we meet again.

    but here he and I were, in the driveway. the car was indeed in park. I was stopping at home for a moment to get an overnight bag.

    the keys were still in the ignition, engine running… and he pounced on me. tore at my clothing while kissing all over me. pulling my breasts out of my shirt and a hand between my legs massaging my pussy. not sure if it was the alcohol or if he just was horny. but whatever the motivation, it felt wonderful.

    soon he had my thong down to my knees and climbed over the middle console to begin to lick my pussy. right there in the front seat. but I didn’t care, and he obviously had no regard for anything at that moment. raising a leg up to the dashboard, he dove in and licked and sucked on my pussy until I was completely soaked. I felt my juices creep out and he slurped them up… I went ahead and put a hand on the back of his head, bucking up against his mouth unleashing my climaxes. he didn’t stop until I was quivering.

    raising up, licking his lips, he told me, “meet me in the backseat.”

    he climbed back, but I told him, “I have an idea… a nasty idea.”
    “ohhh, I WANT you to be nasty right now…”

    I got out of the car and opened the rear passenger door. “stand right here,” I told him. I laid down in the backseat with my ass hanging out in the doorway, wrapping my legs around him.

    that was all he needed. grabbing my hips, he thrusted forward and fucked me. hard. standing outside my truck while I am partially inside, ass dangling off the seat in his hands. reaching down to me, he alternated between grabbing one of my breasts and sucking on it, to kissing me while he lumped inside of me, onto choking me slightly with one hand… later he had my ankles at his head or one leg wrapped around him and the other in the air as he tucked the hell out of me. loving every second of it.

    I’m not sure if it was the angle of my ass hanging or if he was just hitting it right, but as he was fucking me, I was squirting.  he kept thrusting through it even though my squirt was soaking the both of us. he didn’t care. at all.

    "turn yo ass around, girl…"

    I got up and bent over, and he kept fucking the shit out of me. hard, deep, powerful, damn near life changing strokes. hand around my neck, another slapping my ass as I threw it back on him…

    and I squirted again.

    and he went right back in and kept fucking me. no remorse. it felt so good, he was in me so deep. i was screaming. I’m sure the neighbors could hear. I’m sure that the fiddylehm cars that drove by saw us.  neither of us cared at that point.

    he made me lay back down again and he climbed on top of me and fucked me again, wrapping my legs around him as he held my hips to thrust deeper into me. I was trying to find something in the car to hang on to to maintain leverage, wound up being the seat belt buckle. he just would. not. stop.

    I was in an orgasmic bliss. I could have passed out right then and there, still full of dick.

    eventually he went ahead and let up and stopped fucking me for a moment.

    I stood up outside of the truck to try and get some of the feeling back in my legs.

    he pushed me up against the truck and kissed me all over… then squatted to his kneed and ate my pussy from right there. lifted a leg up over his shoulder. as if he didn’t just fuck the life out of me for the past hour.

    it was about 3 am at this point. cars were still driving by. we were outside in this circle driveway like pornstars. and it was glorious.

    somehow after another few orgasms, we came to an end. I still needed to grab that overnight bag. and I was soaked from sweat and secretions.

    the night didn’t end there of course. once we got back to the hotel, he fucked me again. for about another solid hour. and we finally did pass out, nude and exhausted.

    til we woke up…. and fucked again.

    I don’t know what got into him for that evening. but it was great.  didn’t even care about my legs, back and shoulders hurting for the rest of the weekend.

    note— keep a heating pad on deck anyways.

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  4. story time. (XXX. lawl.)

    I was happy to see him. he was waiting for me, laying down browsing his phone. I climbed on top of him and greeted him with kisses. he wrapped his arms around me and reciprocated with wet kisses… that eventually turned passionate. he pulled my dress up and palmed my ass, smacking it lightly. sitting up on the edge of the bed, I grinded on him. he thrusted up, ready to take his pussy.

    "take them earrings off."

    I obliged. he stood me up and began to remove his clothing. I stepped out of my dress and stood in my bra and thong. he took those off for me, then pulled me back to him.
    “hello,” he said, palming my ass.
    “hi,” i said, squeezing his dick.

    he laid down and pulled me on top if him and teased my pussy with his dick while he bit my bottom lip. inserting himself into me, I rocked slowly on the head of his dick u til my pussy juices had gotten him wet enough for me to go faster.

    but as usual, he controlled that pussy. he made me twerk on him and moved my hips back and forth while he pumped his dick deep into me. I could feel the cream leaking from me.

    he sat up and bounced me up and down on his dick while I held onto his shoulders and threw my head back, cunning over and over again. “mmhmm…” he said, whenever he is cocky and knows that he is doing the damn thang.

    "turn yo ass around," he tells me. I thought he wanted me to get on my back, but as soon as I did, he tugged me by my legs and flipped me onto my stomach. he stood up and positioned my legs how he wanted them, then entered me again….

    and it was amazing. smacking my ass and gripping my shoulders for leverage, he fucked me like he never had before. every single stroke was incredible, I don’t know what it was but I literally felt the head of his dick hitting my gspot with every thrust.

    he pushed my face down into the bed and grabbed my hips, throwing me back onto his dick. he kept banging me harder and harder. with the opposite hands on each cheek to hell his grip, pulling my pussy towards his dick, it was so intense. I felt pressure build up with his continued strokes.

    and the next thing I knew, i heard him say, “what the hell?”

    apparently, I squirted. four or five strong ass blasts. he stepped back and I honestly don’t know where he was during that moment. but that release. that absolutely outstanding wave of pleasure from pussy to head to toe as you ride that wave, your body quivers and you just feel… amazing.

    I heard him chuckle.
    “I am sooooooo sorry,” I told him. I was in partial astonishment at the fact that I was able to squirt from intercourse, as it had been three years since the last time it happened.
    “nooooo, its fine…. I just… shit. I did it!”
    we both laughed.
    “I don’t eem want to know what it looks like back there.”
    that’s the bad thing about an unexpected squirt. the one who did it usually gets doused.
    “nah its just wet. let’s get a towel tho so we can finish.”
    he licked his lips and grabbed his dick with one hand. getting a towel from the closet, he laid it down, then laid me down, and put one of my legs in the air. building up his rhythm again, I bucked my hips up at him. he continued to dominate my pussy, until eventually he pulled out and shot his creamy jizz all over my stomach.

    I felt like a porn star as he came. just happy to see him bust a nut. he leaned down to give me a kiss and began the cleanup.

    "are your sheets okay?"
    “nawl. these is going straight into the washing machine.”
    “how do you feel?”
    “I feel fucking amazing. like, you could paint me golden.”
    “but what about all the other times?” he joked.
    “its not that we haven’t had great sex. but the last time I squirted from pure dick was in 2010. I honestly thought I couldn’t do it anymore. so I’m just amazed right now. like,… I feel lovely.”
    “lol. I just can’t believe I did it. I actually got you to squirt. I feel like a champion.”

    and then he started cheesing. but hey, I can’t blame him. random as it was, shit was special.

    let me mark today on the calendar tho.

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  5. storytime. (XXX) my back’s gonna hate me later.

    "why are you still wearing that dress?" he asked me.  it was 10:30 a.m. i had neglected to pack sleeping clothes in my overnight bag, so i just stayed in my dress from the night before.  he was on his side of the bed. i was on mine.  

    "i forgot to bring some pajama’s," i said quietly.  i played with my phone idly.

    "take it off and relax."

    "i don’t have anything else to wear, i’m not trying to put on my clothes yet."

    next thing i knew, he snatched my phone and tossed it away from me.  he yanked me by my dress and threw me down on the bed.  hard. very hard. he continued to tug at my dress until my breasts were exposed, then crawled on top of me and wrapped my legs around him as he suffocated me with passionate kisses.  i tried to resist, avoiding his advances, but it was futile. he held my wrists down. every woman secretly loves this. and if you don’t, you haven’t been dicked down properly.

    he stopped to take my dress off completely. the good thing about club dresses, they’re usually easy to remove.  he got naked himself, then removed my panties and started to devour my pussy. the aggression in his movements though, the slurps, raising one of my legs backwards to completely open me up— i still tried to fight him off. for once, i wasn’t actually in the mood. but he didn’t care. he was going to take his pussy. 

    eventually i stopped fighting and gave in… stifling my moans, grabbing on to the edge of the bed, the sheets, a pillow, anything to try and absorb the impact from him going crazy in between my legs.  i bucked my hips against his mouth as he hit the perfect spot and an instant orgasm coursed through my entire body.  it was that moment he chose to stop his oral assault and continue with his dick… it was more than ready.  my pussy was already soaked from his eating it, and he slid inside of me with ease… that first insertion, when the head of the dick reaches the hilt of your pussy, when he is ALL the way inside of you— my goodness.  

    a moan escaped, and as i exhaled, he began to kiss me, letting me taste my juices.  grabbing me by the small of my back he thrusted deeper inside of me, breathing on my neck.  as he fucked me harder, we wound up close to the edge of the bed.  my head was dangling on the edge slightly, letting the blood rush to it.  he raised up and placed a hand at the base of my throat, pushing himself deeper into me.  squeezing gently, i couldn’t help but to scream, with pleasure…

    and then he put both hands on my throat… and squeezed.  he choked me. while he fucked me. deep. hard. aggressively. it was beautiful. so beautiful. 

    "turn yo ass over, girl.." he said.  raising me up, he twisted me around and threw me back down on the bed face first.  then pulled my ass backwards towards him and he entered me again..  i screamed into the bedsheets, and he yanked my head by my braids and pulled me off of the bed.  slamming his dick into me he kept up full force as i had no choice but to take the brunt of his thrusts, loving every second of it. he was fucking me like he hated me. putting another hand around my throat as he pounded deep inside of me, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, and i felt wave after wave of pleasure everywhere…

    he stopped again to take me and flip me back onto my back, wrapping one leg around him, the other in the air, as he continued to dominate my poor pussy.  kissing me and flicking his tongue across my lips, he fucked me again with full force, these hard, almost unimaginably powerful thrusts that i hadn’t had in quite some time. eventually, my wetness got the most of him, and he pulled out in a split second and came all over my stomach, rubbing the head of his dick against my skin as he moaned… i just laid there. i couldn’t move. 

    he raised up to go get a warm washcloth to clean up the mess with.  i still couldn’t move. as usual, he asked me how i felt. i didn’t have words. 

    after the cleanup, he pulled me close to him, and began to suck on my breasts.  apparently, i wasn’t granted time to recoup. placing a hand on my already tender pussy, he stroked my clit with his fingertips while he moved his mouth back and forth on my erect nipples, adding to the sexual afterglow i was already riding…

    he had me on my back and lifted my entire torso into the air, so that my knees were at my elbows and my ankles by my ears. my body was resting only on my shoulders, and he began to suck my pussy with me just like that… i have never had anyone eat my pussy like that before. 

    "you’re so nasty…"

    "you have no idea how nasty i can really be," he said softly.

    he got on top of me again and began to fuck me, just as he did before, with my legs wrapped around his back, my head hanging off the edge of the bed, and a hand on my throat while he thrust himself in and out of me. i’m sure that others on the same floor of the hotel heard me. the bed rocked noisily, giving into our movements.  i bucked my hips up to receive his dick as he held me down, either a hand on my shoulder or a hand on my throat.

    "yeah, you like this shit, don’t you.."

    FUCK. YES.

    hammering me into yet another orgasmic comatose state, he told me how he wanted me to ride him. i don’t know where i would find the energy to do it, after the previous dickdowns.  he raised up and got on his back, and pulled me to him.


    he pulled my pussy to his mouth and made me ride his face. 

    arching my back, he brought me to another series of orgasms that, at this point, i don’t think i could keep count of them.  he made me flip around and continue to twerk on his mouth while i sucked his dick. he had a hand on my back guiding me to his thrusts as well, all while licking and sucking on my pussy and making me cum over and over again.

    and i though i could multi task. 

    i took his dick as best as i could, trying to keep up, but there were moments where i just had to lay there and let my orgasm get out before i could continue…  he had me jack him some as well, while flicking my tongue over the head of his dick…  

    then he made me ride him.  but no, this was his pussy, he was taking it.  i quivered on top of him, and he grabbed me by the shoulders and thrust himself deep into me, intertwining our legs together.  there were moments where i was able to keep up, but my pussy was so sensitive already. the bed kept knocking against the wall. my nails dug into his skin as his dick hit the back of my walls perfectly. “ride this dick, girl, cum on this dick…  i want you to cum on this dick, baby.”

    and did i. my juices soaked the both of us.  he maintained control of my pussy and my movements, moving my hips back and forth on his dick, bouncing my ass up and down on him as well…  telling me those sweet nasty words while demolishing my pussy— where did this come from? this isn’t our usual go ‘rounds. 

    taking me and throwing me onto my back again, he pulled my body close to him as he continued to dominate my pussy. it was insane. i kept yelling. the bed kept rocking. he breathed and moaned in my ear and had my legs wrapped around his body again… i bucked my hips upwards as well to receive his anxious thrusts. we both were soaked in sweat. he gripped my back and shoulders and continued his aggression on my pussy… i didn’t care. i kept moving my hips as he pummeled me, harder and harder, until i felt him give a few last mega thrusts and he groaned… he came. i came. it was glorious. 

    as the sweat dripped off of his forehead, he looked me in my eyes and smiled.  ”i kind of came in you,” he said sheepishly.

    "ohhhh no. it’s fine. it’s perfectly fine…" i said, out of breath.  closing my eyes, i relived the pleasure that just happened over the past few hours. 

    and i thought to myself… my back is gonna hate me later… 

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  6. untitled

    “find a song to listen to…” he tells me.

    Bending over in front of the laptop, I browsed through a few Pandora channels. Simultaneously, he sat behind me, pulling my pants down slowly, and taking his fingers in between my legs, rubbing my clit gently.  It was dark everywhere else in the room, except for his laptop illuminating a small area near my bed. I couldn’t see him, but I didn’t need to. 

    Settling on The Weeknd, “Wicked Games” started to play.  The slow, dark melody seemed to help enhance the mood even more.  I sat on the bed, and he got up for a moment to close the laptop, enough so that the music would continue to play, but that it was virtually dark in the room.  He helped to remove my pants from the puddle around my ankles, then laid me down slowly, kissing me, with his hands rubbing up and down my thighs.  Biting my bottom lip slightly, he then moved his kisses downward, the usual trail from my lips to my jawline, down to my neck, to my breasts, lingering there for a little while playing with my nipples in between his teeth, sucking on them, and then eventually kissing down my stomach until he reaches my pussy.  instead of diving in between my legs aggressively, he moved to the beat of the music… slowly.  Gently.  Sensuously. His movements were deliberately paced, and he lightly flicked his tongue over my pussy lips for a little bit, before he took my entire pussy in his mouth, moving his tongue in between my lips, kissing and sucking on my clit…  he moved one of my hands to the top of his head and I bucked against his mouth, holding his head firmly as I came, one leg wrapped almost around his neck.  He didn’t care.  Neither did i.

    My juices started to soak the sheets.  He got up off of the floor and laid fully on the bed. 

    “ride my face,” he whispered.

    I was glad it was dark so he couldn’t see the huge smile I had.  It’s one thing to get dope head.  It’s another thing to be able to twerk on his mouth and cum over and over and over again, at HIS request.

    Balancing over him, he pulled my body to his face and began to eat me out again…  I sat up selfishly for a moment, enjoying the pleasures of his tongue, before I finally bent down to get his dick out…  and was it ever ready…  hard as a rock.  I held myself up with both hands and slowly licked around the head of his dick, swirling my tongue around it, eventually taking more and more of his shaft in with every slurp…  by then we were in rhythm… he had one hand on my hip as he devoured my pussy, another hand on my back helping to bob my head up and down on his dick at the pace he wanted…  there were just moments that I couldn’t hang, and had to stop sucking his dick and get my orgasm out.  he’s just that good.  I switched off from no hands to one hand, tightening my lips around his shaft as I went up, slurping as my head went down.  He moaned into my pussy, until he pushed me up and made me turn around…  I got on top of him, he inserted his dick, and thrusted up into me. bringing my body close, he kissed me as he rocked my hips on top of his dick, and I bounced my ass up and down on him… gripping my shoulders, he took control, leaving me no choice but to just sit there and take the force of his dick, twisting up inside of my pussy like somebody stirring a pot.  Then when he was spent, I rose up and bucked on him, leaning back and throwing my hips back and forth on him. he reached up and grabbed one of my breasts as I did that, and I balanced myself with a hand on his chest…  the music still continued to play in the background. I wasn’t hearing the words, I wasn’t hearing the melody, but I was feeling everything… 

    We kept going, until finally we both were sweaty, and I had my maximum of orgasms. He pulled me close to him and held me, satisfied.

    “we’re supposed to be going to dinner with my friend though,” I told him gently.
    “that’s right.  we are.  Tell her we need a little bit.”

    “a little bit?  How long is a little bit?”

    “about… 40 minutes,” he told me.

    “oh.  So you’re trying to fuck me again before we leave then, huh.”

    Before I knew it, I was thrown on my back, and he kissed me, passionately, wrapping my thighs around him as he inserted his still needy dick inside of me…  I tried to move my hips to meet his thrusts, but he fucks me with so much force, I can’t move.  He forces me to take his dick, and I oblige happily.  Wrapping my body in his arms, hands on my shoulder, my ankles locked and my legs wrapped around his waist, he pounded me to the point where I was screaming… I scratched his back, I gripped the edge of the bed, it was so wonderful. Moaning in my ear, occasionally flicking his tongue on my ear lobe, I came again and again.  I could feel how creamy his dick was because of my orgasm… and before I knew it, he hopped up off of me halfway, and came all over my stomach.  I loved to see it, his silhouette above me, as he finished his climax.

    It was then I noticed the music wasn’t playing anymore.  The one fault of Pandora, after so long, it will cease until you enable it again.  but that passion that started because of the music.  Or was it The Weeknd.  I don’t know.  All I do know is, I needed a moment to recover.  I guess it was a good thing we needed a “little bit of time” after all.

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  7. the ravishing

    I laid on the bed, gently closing my eyes. he laid next to me, his eyes closed as well. his favorite resting place was my breasts. his head was nestled atop one, as if he were cuddled with a pillow. it was kinda cute. kinda.

    the next thing I knew, he sprung to life. crawled on top of me and began to kiss me passionately. out of nowhere. I was slightly taken aback, since I thought he was resting, but I felt immediately the pressure of his hard dick from beneath his jeans teasing my thigh. I knew what was coming.

    he kissed me, my neck, and my earlobes while his hands held my body to his, pulling one leg halfway wrapped around him another hand beneath my shirt, all while he moved his dick back and forth on my thigh. we rolled around in bed before be pulled me to a sitting position to rip my shirt off of me… I couldn’t even get my bra off, once my breasts were exposed he shoved— YES SHOVED! me back on the bed and put one of my nipples in his mouth while massaging the other breast with his free hand. switching back and forth, he glanced in my eyes for a moment then pulled me to my feet… turned me around and pressed his body to my back as he held me with one arm, removed my pants with the other hand, licking and sucking on my neck, all at once. I melted.

    he stepped out of his own clothing, and then immediately shoved me back on the bed again, with so much force I bounced a little. sliding my panties off, he stared me down, as a beast does his prey, and went in between my legs…

    (pardon me. I’m throbbing as I type this.)

    he began to lick and suck on my clit, with one of my legs in the air, the other wrapped around his head… I lost every but of control I thought I had the second he did that. he took my entire pussy in his mouth, swirling his tongue around my lips and flicking it in between, making sure to keep stimulating the head of my clit as well. my body bucked and next thing i know an orgasm escaped me. he continued until my poor pussy was soaked, and then he stopped…. only for a moment to thrust his hard ass dick inside of me… and he kissed me as he did. tasting my own juices on his lips. but fighting the urge to scream from pleasure as that thick dick of his had its way with my pussy. every thrust added more and more pleasure..I was moaning into his mouth as he fucked me, scratching his back, trying to grip the sheets and get a steady grip as I absorbed that impact. he didn’t care. he was owning this pussy… he cupped my ass with one hand and had the other around the small of my back, lifting my hips every time to receive him. I was having a hard time holding in my screams. he sat up for a moment then lifted my leg in the air, and held my arms down while he began to pummel my pussy with hard, long, deep strokes. it was so good. but too much. I tried to fight him off of me but he forced me back down to take his dick. not uttering a single word the entire time. he moved my leg to my side and began to fuck me slowly while slapping my ass as hard as he could. I was still gripping the sheets to hold steady— the force from his thrusts was so powerful. why hasn’t he cum yet?!

    dominating me with my ass slightly tilted, he then pulled out. I thought we were done. but no. he flipped me on my stomach and scooted my ass close to him. teasing my pussylips a bit, he slid the head of his penis up and down until he entered me fully. and my back had no clue what we were in for….

    I tried to lay my head down but he wouldn’t have it. grabbing a fist full of hair he pulled me right back up and made me arch my back with his other hand while he was pumping his dick in and out of me. screaming was the only alternative. every pump, every thrust, every stroke, my DAMN! it was too much. he wouldn’t let me lay my head down at all, kept fucking me with full force, and when he wasn’t controlling my upper body with a handful of hair, he had a hand halfway around my neck, and the other on my hips, bringing my ass back and forth to bounce on his dick… it was so much. it was too much. I couldn’t hold any kind of composure anymore. I collapsed into the pillows, still screaming. he kept fucking me anyways, laying his body on mine until he was close to cumming… and then he pulled out.

    I quivered. I was dominated. I was demolished. I was done. he wasn’t. not quite yet.

    he then began to lick my pussy again… but from the back. a shock wave went through my entire body and I convulsed in pleasure. he literally just beat my pussy up, and now he’s licking it again? if I could have died from pleasure, it would be in that moment.

    and when he was done eating my pussy, he calmly sat down, looked at me, and began to softly stroke his dick. “how do you feel?” he asked me gently, dick still in hand.

    I couldn’t move. I couldn’t feel my thighs. my knees were sore. and I was breathing heavy from the spectacular dick down that was just delivered.

    still not moving from my spot in the bed, and out of breath, i said to him, “who are you?! my boyfriend don’t ever do things like THAT.”

    he smiled…. and continued to play with the head of his dick. his work was done. my body was beyond done. we both know who reigns.

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  8. it’s 2 in the morning. conversation got boring.

    Ask Me

    1 - Who was the last person you texted? (zee boothang boyfrehn)

    2 - When is your birthday? (#TeamCancer)

    3 - Who do you want to be with right now? (the Sandman. he cheats on me with other hoes tho.)

    4 - What sports do you play? (um… none?)

    5 - Who is the first person in your contacts? (twitter = @flicchic_’s gubment name)

    6 - What is your favorite song as of the moment? (Melanie Fiona, “Change the Record.” http://youtu.be/gzespETTpBg)

    7 - If you were stranded on an island, who do you wish to be with? (Jesus and a supply of food.)

    8 - What do you feel right now? (i wanna be schwheep.)

    9 - What chocolate is your favorite? (white chocolate.) 

    10 - How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have? (one boyfriend. 880 twitterfollowers, and a small fan club tho.)

    11 - Why did you create a Tumblr account? (fuckery.)

    12 - Who is your favorite blogger? (Miss Jia, Sinnamon, Trini Trent) 

    13 - Where do you want to be right now? (schweepeh)

    14 - What do you want to be in the future? (happy.)

    15 - When was the last time you cried? Why? (saturday before last. i was so angry and hurt i couldn’t help it.) 

    16 - Are you happy? (newp)

    17 - Who do you miss? (my grandmothers.) 

    18 - If you were given a chance, would you like to have a different life? (nawl. just more money and better decisions.) 

    19 - What was the best thing you were given? (my offspring) 

    20 - Who was the last person who called you? (zee boothang boyfrehn) 

    21 - What is your favorite dish? (food that is delicious) 

    22 - Who is your bestfriend? (tie between someone here and someone in the ATL)

    23 - What is your biggest regret? (not going to college fresh out of high school) 

    24 - Have you ever cheated on your partner? (not the current one. past? yurp)

    25 - Who do you spend crazy moments with? (usually the offspring)

    26 - Name someone pretty. (Kelly Lee Dekay is my girl crush) 

    27 - Who was the last person you hugged? (the offpsring) 

    28 - What kind of music do you listen to? (not country, not techno, anything else) 

    29 - Are you over your past? (mostly) 

    30 - Who is the last person in your contacts? (twitter @yea_idgaf’s gubment name)

    31 - What kind of person do you want to date? (kinda already got somebody lol) 

    32 - Do you have troubles sleeping at night? (th’fuck you think i’m doin this survey for?) 

    33 - From whom was the last text message you received? (boothang boyfrehn) 

    34 - What do you prefer, jeans or skirt? (pants.)

    35 - How’s your heart? (fair to medium) 

    36 - Did you ever have a girlfriend/boyfriend whose name starts with a “J”? (mayne you don’t know me or my life.) 

    37 - Do you like someone as of the moment? (yes) 

    38 - What would you want to say to your latest ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend? (http://youtu.be/LDhrlNtkgWo)  

    39 - Do you have any phobias? (i don’t fuck with spiders or wasps. dassit.) 

    40 - Did you try to change for a person? (mayne you don’t know my life.) 

    41 - What’s the nicest thing have you given to someone?  (i gave someone love and my heart.)  

    42 - Would you go back to your previous relationship?  (nawl.)

    43 - Are you in a good or bad mood?  (i’m hungry damnit.) 

    44 - Name someone you can’t live without. (the offspring) 

    45 - Describe your dream date.  (already had it 11/18/11) 

    46 - Describe your dream wedding. (private, family friends, intimate setting, bigass reception) 

    47 - How many roses did you receive last Valentine’s? (zero.) 

    48 - Have you ever been kissed? (dude, th’fuck kinda question is this) 

    49 - How long is your longest relationship? (2 years, 1 month, 1 week, 4 days) 

    50 - Do you regret your past? (nawl) 

    51 - Can you do something stupid for someone else? (generally the offspring.) 

    52 - Have you ever cried over someone? (dude, yes.) 

    53 - Do you have a grudge against anyone? (AWLUHDEM BITCHES FROM HIGH SCHOOL THAT HATED, FUCK YOU.) 

    54 - Are you a crybaby? (nawl. but i tear up pretty easy.) 

    55 - Do people praise you for your looks? (my tiddays mostly) 

    56 - Did you fall for someone you shouldn’t? (fif.) 

    57 - Have you ever done something bad but you don’t regret? (yurp.) 

    58 - Do you like getting hurt? (noe.) 

    59 - Does anyone hate you? (they better not.) 

    60 - Did you slap anyone whose name starts with an “R”? (i wish i slapped somebody period.) 

    61 - What hair color do you prefer? (natural) 

    62 - If you can change anything about yourself, what is it? (i want a donk.) 

    63 - Do you love someone as of the moment? (yes.) 

    64 - Have you ever thought of killing yourself? (newp) 

    65 - Do you have issues with somebody in your school? (no, but if my teacher can give me some extra credit tho…) 

    66 - Can you live without internet? (caint. not with online school) 

    67 - What’s the song that remind you of your special someone? (don’t judge me by chris brown) 

    68 - Are you good at holding back your tears? (fuck no) 

    69 - Are you a crybaby? (yeen already asked this) 

    70 - Have you ever experienced being hysterical? (lawl. hell hath no fury.) 

    71 - Are you a KPOP fan? (nope?) 

    72 - Do you study hard? (hardly) 

    73 - Have you ever sacrificed something important to you for someone you love? (pride and patience, yeah) 

    74 - Did you ever had a kiss under the moonlight? (yes, actually.) 

    75 - Have you ever ridden a boat? (newp) 

    76 - Did you have an accident last year? (yes, i was rear ended by some fuckery fool) 

    77 - What kind of person are you? (a good one, generally.) 

    78 - Have you ever thought of killing someone? (often. shh.) 

    79 - Have you ever been jealous? (MAYNE. LISTEN.) 

    80 - How can you prove your love to someone? (how do i love thee? let me count the ways.) 

    81 - What are you thinking right now? (the late night hunger is real.) 

    82 - Who is the 6th person in your contacts? (quay-quay) 

    83 - Do you have any memories you want to erase? (all of the bad sex. ALL.) 

    84 - Have you been hurt so bad that you can’t find words to explain how you feel? (nigga, that was the other day tho…) 

    85 - Did you ever badmouth someone? (don’t cross me.) 

    86 - Have you ever had an argument with someone? (see above) 

    87 - Do you have trust issues? (yes) 

    88 - Are you broken-hearted? (fif) 

    89 - Who’s the person who first comes to your mind when someone mentions “love”? (the offspring) 

    90 - Do you think all the pain is worth it? (nope. but i continue anyways) 

    91 - Do you believe in the phrase “If it’s meant to be, it will be”? (yes.) 

    92 - Who do you want to marry? (whomever God intends.) 

    93 - Do you believe in destiny? (yes) 

    94 - Have you ever thought “I already found my soulmate”? (fif) 

    95 - How do you look right now? (like a dragon with tiddays) 

    96 - Do you believe that first true love never dies? (newp.) 

    97 - Have you found your true love? (fif) 

    98 - What should you be doing right now?

    99 - Name one of your ex-boyfriends/ex-girlfriends. (Jabari Ahmad Wagner. not that he’d ever see this or contact me.) 

    100 - Did you ever feel like you’re not good enough? (FIF.) 

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And I really don’t give a shit if they do ;)

werd. #TeamThick


    And I really don’t give a shit if they do ;)

    werd. #TeamThick

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